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Rural Pastor's Institute in Uganda    

It Began as the partnership between Gowen Bible Church and the Finepearls Ministry in Uganda. Pastor Zach and Pastor Martin Euku after many conversations realized that God had planted a similar dream in them of wanting to train, equip, and bless rural pastors in Uganda. Thus Rural Pastors Project was born out of those first trips to a village outside of Jinja Uganda. For several years the RPP operated and purchased 3 acres of land and raised almost $75,000 in funds for what is now the Main teaching facility of the RPI. During this time the RPP graduated its first cohort of pastors that went through the training in theological and pastoral ministry training. Several Mission Trips were hosted with teams from Baptist Mid Missions, Gowen Bible, and other teaching teams. Facility upgrades were made with the addition of a huge common space firepit for outdoor gatherings. A partnership with Moncolam Community College was established that added MCC endorsement to the certificates that RPP would award its graduates.

In December of 2022, the decision was made to formalize the RPP into its own 501c3 organization and changed its name to Rural Pastors International. The US side is represented by Ps. Ben Vaught, Jon Moulder, and Ps. Zach Nyhuis. the Uganda side is represented by Ps. Martin Euku, and Bruno. 

In the spring of 2023, the construction of the Huntington Teachers Cottage was started with a generous donation from Pestors Worldwide Outreach Ministry.

Several teaching teams from BMM, and SetFree Ministries traveled in the Summer of 2023.

In December of 2023 an additional 7.3 Acres of land was purchased near the current facility

In January of 2024 the 3rd cohort of Pastors graduated from RPI with the continued partnership with MCC.


Building a Dorm _ Build with us

We are continuing to grow at RPI and are in the process of building a dorm on the main campus. this project will cost about $300,000.00usd and will serve to allow RPI to serve more pastors and ministry leaders throughout the region. you can visit our website by clicking the link below, there you will find more information and ways to donate to this great mission.

If you would like to travel to Uganda with us visit our website


RPP Block



The Rural Pastors Institute-Uganda

With this facility we will:

  • Be accredited to award recognized Biblical Ministry and Leadership certificates.

  • Extend effective hands-on financial & skills training.

  • Build sustainability for church planting and growth.

  • Increase training capacity and outreach.

  • Provide our staff and missionary partners a safe base of operation.

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