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When you arrive our goal is to meet you with a friendly smile.

One of our goals at Gowen is to be a Multi-Generational Church. This means that as much as possible we attempt to be one church no matter the age, so you will find young people as part of our worship team, you are as likely to be greeted by a 10-year-old as a 50-year-old, while we offer age-appropriate classes as well, we believe that there is much to be gained in the interaction between young and old believers.

This is something different than a lot of churches but is intentionally so.

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We are praying for you and hope that you might consider making Gowen Bible Church your home church. We desire to grow and make an impact in this community. Revival can start anywhere. We desire the Work of the Holy Spirit here at Gowen Bible Church if you are following the Spirit's guidance we pray that He might lead you to join us. Followers Wanted!

You will find our statement of Beliefs on the About us page. We believe that while methods may change to be most effective in our culture, our message does not change. We believe that we need to make an impact on our culture, to be in the world but not of it. 

Contact Us

Gowen Campus

11430 Pine St

Gowen, MI 49326

Phone:   616 984 2525


Meddler Campus

16415 Meddler Ave NE,

Sand Lake, MI 49343

Phone:   616 984 2525


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Our Community

All the latest news and events from our community.

Service Times

Gowen Campus:

Sunday School           

Sunday Evening            6:00pm       


Friday Night Missional Communnity



Meddler Campus:

Morning Worship        9:30am

Sunday School        11:00am


Office & Counseling Hours:

By Appointment

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