Rural Pastor's Project in Uganda Building Fund-     Phase One: We are almost a third of the way! The first building that we are raising funds for costs $30,000, and we have currently raised just over $15,000.  By the end of the month we would love to be at $25,000.  We have been offered a match grant challenge, dollar for dollar, up to $5,000.  So we could quickly raise the $10,000 we need, getting us to that $25,000 mark.  Would you help us get there?   For more info:  Click Here


"therefore pray earnestly to the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into His harvest."

Our missions program currently gives offerings to our missions programs and partners. Rather than parcel a small amount to many we believe it is better to give a large gift to a few partner ministries to be more effective in our reach. Our Partners for the 2021 year are: Denis & Cassie Nuwagaba to Uganda. FinePearls, Rural Pastors Project,  The Orphan Outreach Childrens Daycenter in Latvia. The Foogles with PEP. The Carews in the Chad,

Any support you wish to send can be sent to the GBC with  Missions in the memo. OR Donate online with missions in the instructions.

One of our mission goals is to partner with in-country ministries in the following countries: Chad, Latvia, Uganda, Paupa New Guinea and the USA


Our Local Missional Communities are our first line in our missions program. Within our missioanl community you will find people learning to live as a Family of Servant Missionaries in the work of Making Disciples who make Disiples. It happens here first and then into the rest of the world!

We gather as often as possible to do life on life as the early church did.


The Chad



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