Praise King Jesus!
it's been a while since we last communicated. Hope all is well and the ministry God has placed in your charge is doing well? Remember God has called us to be faithful and that is what matters most, the rest is His part!
i write specifically to account for the bibles that we received as a gift from your ministry.
We felt led to give out the bibles to High schools students so this year we started a high school Fellowship that meets once every month. The fellowship comprises of teens from
different high schools. We are giving out bibles to the students who attend the fellowship and encouraging them to study the bibles. We send them weekly messages on phone to
ensure they continue studying. The results so far are encouraging.The fellowship has grown from 5 students at the start to an average attendance of 50 students now! We expect it to grow to over 100 students by end of year. God has given us a desire to replicate this model thought all high schools across Uganda in the years to come. We have named the movement UNASHAMED Romans 1:16 encouraging teens to know and boldly share Christ.
Some of the students told us the bibles we gave them where the first bibles they owned all the their lives! Now these are high schools students so i kept wondering how the kept standing in salvation to this point!
But among the so many testimonies one almost reduced me to tears, there is this young girl called Vanessa who kept taking a bible each fellowship she attended, so in one of the fellowships i asked her to stop taking bibles! After the fellowship she approached us and told us that she had friends back at her school whose parents never allowed to fellowship. So every time she attended a fellowship she took a bible for one of them!! i was almost reduced to tears - Am even not sure she kept a bible for herself!!
We have over 78 students reading the bible thanks to your team. The work you guys did wasn't in vain. Hebrews 6:10
Attached some photos of the teens bible study (March fellowship) and a sticker of the UNASHAMED movement!
Martin (on behalf of the fine pearls ministry leadership team)

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