Family Ministries

Family Ministries supports our church families by exploring ways we can intentionally pass on our faith to our children and encourage them to have a relationship with God.

What if...

...the church had a clear strategy for engaging with your child from birth through high school?


...the church recognized the parent as the greatest influence in their child’s life and dedicated time and resources to supporting parents in their role?

We think there is a big picture and families are best served when the church communicates this well.  Children are best served when mom and dad are intentional about faith in the home.  Parents are best served when the church supports and equips them. 

In family ministries at Gowen Bible Church, and in the life of each family, we see four distinct areas (Nursery/Preschool, Elementary, Junior High, and Senior High) with one single progression, working together for the bigger picture.


What if it all fit together? We think it can!

Photo Gallery: Family Fun Nights

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