What types of Couseling Services do you offer?

* Marriage                                     * Financial

* Family                                         * Grief/Loss

* Substance/Addiction                  * Life Coaching

* Children and Youth


The reasons people seek out counseling are as numerous as there are people, but often it is becuase they are experincing something that is broken or causing hurt in their life and they desire to have relief. They know there is more to life than what they are experinceing and just need someone to come along side them and help them achieve the wholeness and life joy they are lacking. Your reasons for seeking counseling are as unique as you are and will be addressed that way.





Do I have to believe in God or the Bible to come for Counseling?


We are pleased to serve you, no matter where you stand spiritually. Our counselors understand what God says about Man and how to overcome your struggles, with His help. God cares and He helps us make sense of life. If you are curious or seeking answers and wonder if the answer to your struggle might be found in God’s Word, we would love to talk with you more about how God desires to help you grow stronger. We have had many people begin or renew a relationship with God through the counseling process.

We believe that our best possible life is one that God is involved in and so His ways are the basis of all our counsel. We have found in our lives and the lives of those we have helped that when we turn to God's way for living we have a framework for an abundant life. We deisre to help you as you seek to live that kind of life!

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Gowen Campus

11430 Pine St

Gowen, MI 49326

Phone:   616 929 5102


Meddler Campus

16415 Meddler Ave NE,

Sand Lake, MI 49343

Phone:   616 984 2525


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Service Times

Gowen Campus:

Sunday School            9.45 am

Sunday Worship        11.00 am

Youth Ministry            


Friday Night Missional Communnity



Meddler Campus:

Morning Worship        9:30am

Sunday School        11:00am

Evening Classes      6:00pm


Office & Counseling Hours:

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