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GBC often describes our Biblical counseling philosophy as “Biblical Counseling with Compassion.” With compassion is a key phrase. True Biblical counseling is compassionate and effective as the counseling points counselees to Jesus through the Word. The counselees know that a Biblical counselor ministers the sufficient Word of God, bringing compassionate care and solutions to painful spiritual, emotional, and life difficulties..

Sadly some folks have a misguided notion of Biblical counseling as all truth, no grace, and . . . take two verses and call me in the morning! Not so.

These folks may believe biblical counselors simply identify sin, demand verse memorization and tell them to “Stop it!” This graceless approach may create more pain and no healing. We believe that Biblical counseling is Full of Truth and Full of Grace.

A true Biblical counselor shows the same Truth measured with Grace that God in the Old Testament, Jesus in the Gospels, and Paul in his Epistles so carefully demonstrated. Theirs was a truthful loving-kindness toward those who were hurting. The true Biblical counselor knows that compassion is more than a feeling of deep sympathy and heart-felt sorrow. It is that and more. Compassion is both a feeling and an appropriate action to meet the need motivated by that feeling.

A true biblical counselor follows God’s model as described in Psalm 103:13. God is seen as a father who shows compassion on His children. God not only “had” compassion on his children but He “showed” compassion to them, and we believe that good counseling requires truth to deal with issues in ones life and the grace needed to move beyond those issues.

Jesus also knew that the people around Him had pain of all sorts. They lived in an oppressive culture and carried deep emotional and spiritual needs. Some were economically bankrupt; others were physically sick. Yet when he saw them, His heart was moved with compassion for they were harassed and helpless like sheep without a shepherd (Mt 9: 36).

Along with His “heart of compassion” Jesus was “moved with compassion.” His compassion met people’s needs. As Jesus brings truth he always brings the grace to overcome the sin and hurt we have exsperinced in life.


We often cannot control what happens to us in life, but we are responsible for what we do with it. Gd gives truth for us to live by and the grace to live in it. So we always take the approach in counseling that the Bible is the basis for all our counsel and instruction, using couseling to help people see truth in their lives and by grace become the overcomers we are called to be so that we may have life and have it to the full.

We are here to help guide you into an abundant life!


What types of Counseling do you offer?

We offer biblically based counseling. We believe the  Gospel has the answers to all problems in life. When the Gospel is applied to the issues you are facing you through the power of the Holy Spirit can overcome anything you are facing. The Bible teaches we do as we think, we will help you begin to think biblically, which in turn will help you act biblically in your behavior.

Pre-Marital, Marriage, Financial, and Family.

Do I have to believe in God and the Bible to come to counseling?

While not all of our counselees are followers of Jesus, We believe in Jesus and the Bible and can counsel only from that prosepctive.

How often do you shedule appoinments/sessions?

We schedule sessions as often as needed by the counselee. Each person is different in their needs. Our goal is that through couseling, and other helps the counselee will require fewer and fewer sessions.

What are the fees for Counseling?

Please call to set up an appointment. The intial visit is free at which time we discuss fees for continued counseling.

Do you offer reduced rates or sliding scale?

Yes. This is again discussed at the intial visit.

What is your cancelation policy?

We require a 24 hour notice to cancel an appointment.

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